Rivendell Carpentry

Adam Yanow


Cal Contractor # 556539

(415) 250-9120

PDF Resume available here.

Rivendell Carpentry is a small, quality construction company based in Marin County, CA.

Copyright 2007-2015

PDF Resume available here.

We take on projects as small as a door or window replacement and as large as second story addition to your home. We pride ourselves on good workmanship, good value and a handcrafted approach to home remodeling, and we see this as an integral part of building and remodeling sustainable homes. We combine reliable materials, well considered design and a respect for nature to create these beautiful and efficient spaces.

We will always suggest reliable materials and appliances as a counterpoint to fragile and expensive “trendy” designs and systems. We value what works, and a simple approach often works best. New products and techniques come on the market constantly: we welcome those products that work well and are of good value. We will tell you what our experience has been with products you suggest.

Adam Yanow is the owner and lead contractor at Rivendell, and has been a builder since the early 1980’s, and a licensed contractor since 1989 in the Bay Area. As a hands-on builder, Adam is in the field as often as in his office.